Media Commands

Playing Media

Playing media can be done using the voice command

play <query>

You can also add YouTube videos directly using the text command:

!play <url or query>

Controlling the queue

Queue items can be skipped by saying skip or using the text command !skip.

The queue can be cleared by using the text command !clear. This will not skip the current song.

To stop playback and clear the queue, say stop or use the text command !stop.

Adjusting the volume

Adjusting the volume can be done using the voice command:

volume 0-100

Or the text command:

!volume 0-100

You can also say louder or softer to raise/lower the volume by 10% each time.

Setting the default volume

Astra‘s default volume can be set for voice and media. The sane values of 100% for voice, and 20% for audio are used. When the command is used without arguments, it will show the current values.

!defaultvolume <voice/media> 0-100