Content Creators


Astra can monitor streams and YouTube to notify fans whenever you go live or post a new video!

Content Channel

The Content Channel will be used every time Astra detects a channel change (Going live or a new published video). It will set it to the channel the command is said in, or a channel name starting with #.


!channel content [#channel]

Viewing tracked channels

To view tracked channels, use the !tracked text command.


Tracking channels

To track a channel, use the !track text command.

!track <twitch/youtube> <channel name>

Untracking channels

To untrack a channel, use the !untrack text command.

!untrack <twitch/youtube> <channel name>

Setting a message on content updates

To set a message to go along with content updates, use the message command.

!message <twitch/youtube> “<some text>”

Variable replacement is available, with “{channel}” being universal for both YouTube and Twitch.

List tracked channels

To list all channels monitored by the bot, use !tracked. It will return a list of channels for Twitch and YouTube.

Detection delay

Channel state changes on Twitch use Twitch’s PubSub API, meaning near-instant updates of state. We also poll Twitch for statuses every minute like every other major bot.

For YouTube, they officially support a protocol called PubSubHubbub. This gives instant notifications of published videos.