Overwatch patch notes

Astra will notify you when a new Overwatch patch note is added. Set the “overwatch” channel type, like shown below to enable.

!channel overwatch [#channel]

Overwatch statistics

Astra can query Overwatch using https://ow-api.com and show basic statistics.

Linking/Unlinking Battlenet

You may link your battlenet tag, region, and platform to quickly check your stats in the future.


!linkbnet <battletag> <region> <platform>

If you no longer want to have it linked, you may also unlink it.



Looking up Quickplay stats

To lookup Quickplay stats, use the following command:

!ow [battletag] [region] [platform]

Looking up Competitive stats

To lookup Competitive stats, use the following command:

!owcomp [battletag] [region] [platform]