Overwatch Pugs

Overwatch PUG

A PUG is a Pick-Up Game, a well-known term in many games. They may also be considered a scrim with friends.


Astra needs the “Manage Channels” permission, Astra and all other bots need the “Move Members” permission.

There needs to be a voice channel with Pug Lobby (exact capitalization) in the name, there can be emojis and other text before/after, but not in between. There can be multiple lobby channels.

You will need at least one of the following bots in the server, to allow us to move more people than the rate limit allows for.

Bots: OWPugBot

Starting a lobby

A lobby is a group of players that wish to split into teams. You can define as many teams as you want/have players for.

To start a lobby with a specified number of leaders, and let people volunteer:

!lobby <number of leaders> [players per team] [pick method]

Pick method can be one of the following:

single (One - One picking) onetwo (One - Two - Two, Two - Two - One picking)

To start a lobby with a specified list of leaders, use Discord’s Mentions:

!lobby @Leader1 @Leader2...

Volunteering for Captain

To volunteer as a team captain, use the following command:


Picking players

When it is your turn, the bot will mention you and tell you it’s your pick. To pick a player, use Discord mentions with the following command.

!pick @Player

After all players are picked, the leaders will be moved to the respective team channels.

Teams are matched in order, so team one against team two, team three and team four, etc.

Ending your pug

When your game has finished and you wish to return to the lobby, a player in the specific pug can use the !end command. This will return everyone to the lobby and remove the team channels.